Saturday, February 18, 2017

Cross Stitch Update

I'm still plugging away at the reindeer.  I had to wait quite a while for one of the charts to come in and that delayed things somewhat.  The name of each reindeer will be below each one and there are more details to be added to the antlers along with the crystals that will be added last.  I really hope to have this one completed and framed in time for Christmas 2017.

I have several other projects going too.  When one piece becomes tiring or too stressing, I switch to another one for a time.  Cross stitching is supposed to be relaxing, right?  I recently started Spell Bound by Glendon Place.  The Happy Halloween in the corner has been a little difficult, but I'm almost finished with it.  The remainder will be easier.  I'm working on 32 count linen and my eyes start crossing and have to stop and let them rest.  Photo courtesy of

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Robin in Virginia said...

Your reindeer piece is looking great!

Layne said...

Thank you!