Saturday, April 7, 2012


March and April (up to this point) have been very busy.  First I decided to combine the two blogs I have.  I am not a very good blogger, so doing two was just not happening.  So now you will get to see all of my crafts in one place.

I have had a very busy "fob" month.  For those that don't know, I make scissor fobs and sell them on Etsy.  You can see them here
I have sold a lot of my fobs the past four to five weeks and I really appreciate the folks that have placed orders.

I started a couple of new cross stitch projects.  One is a fairly simple project that I am keeping for sitting in the doctor's office, dentist office, and when we are on the road.  The other one is a Christmas one, actually a Santa Claus.  I have had the chart and fabric for years and finally decided it was time to get this one done.  He has a companion chart also, and yes, I have had the fabric for it just as long.  I will do it next.  I will try to post pictures soon.

Thanks for stopping by!