Thursday, March 24, 2011


We bought a couple of new to us pieces of furniture for the "white bedroom" as we call it.  So, we had to move out my least favorite piece in the room.  The base is a small desk with a vanity-type mirror attached to it.  I took the mirror off and moved the desk to the sun room.  It looks great in there because it is white
and the walls are chocolate.  It is going to be my desk for making cards (a new
endeavor I am undertaking).

Here's the desk moved into the sun room.  Looks great against brown wall, I think!

This is the picture that will be hung over the desk, tonight I hope.  Still looking good!

Added a new tape dispenser in pink and a pencil cup that is really a 
votive candle holder.  It is cut glass and cheaper
than the real pencil cups they had and much
prettier.  I'll post more pictures after 
the picture is hung.

Later tonight,
Picture is hung.  Lamp on the desk.
Ready to work.

Votive candle holder turned pencil cup.  I like it.


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